7-2 Double Play – Custom Baseball Scorebooks

The Square Scorebook

Hand-made with quality materials, each 60-game keepsake is a labor of love. Here’s to bringing back the lost art of baseball scorekeeping...

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Square Scorebook Square Scorebook
Square Scorebook - Top of the Inning
Square Scorebook - Bottom of the Inning

About the Scorebook

The book might be compact – measuring just 8.5" x 8.5" – but there's plenty of room to detail the game. One substitution slot per player, eight pitcher slots, up to 14 innings of space, fields for all the standard stats, and space for the extra stuff that comes up along the way.

Scorebook with side binding
Scorebook with top binding

Picking the binding you prefer

Make the Square Scorebook your own by choosing the double Wire-O binding location of your choice: side binding (like a traditional book) or top binding (like a steno pad).

Scorebook with regular paper
Scorebook with water-resistant paper

The right paper for the job

The standard paper is bright, sturdy, and should hold up to just about any pen outside of a Sharpie. For frequent stadium go-ers that need something drink-proof, upgrade to Rite-in-the-Rain® water-resistant paper. (But make sure you read the disclaimer first!)

Scorebooks with thick-stock paper
Scorebook with tear-proof, water-resistant covers

Choose your favorite cover

The standard cover is thicker stock paper with a stamped logo – dozens of colors available – great for regular use. If you need something stronger, upgrade to one of the "extra-strength" water-resistant cover designs.

Available Products

Image of Square Scorebook

Square Scorebook

40+ Cover Designs Available

$30.00 - $35.00

Image of Square Scorebook - Water-Resistant Paper

Square Scorebook - Water-Resistant Paper

Spill-proof paper/cover


Image of Custom Book Order

Custom Book Order

3 Sizes Available

$50.00 - $62.00

Image of Commissioned Scorecard

Commissioned Scorecard

3 Sizes Available


Image of "Final Play of the Season" Print

"Final Play of the Season" Print

3 Sizes Available

$18.00 - $30.00

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